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Dispatch from Disney

Day One. Leave at daylight. Drive for four hours with one stop at Fort Drum. We can never seem to get past Ft. Drum. She can smell the Dunkin Donuts near West Palm Beach. Actually I am delightfully surprised that is the only stop we had to make. I imagined a 5 year old would need more stops given I have no DVD player in my car. She had her Leapster with her. But she didn't use it. She didn't want the radio or CDs either. Nor did she want to talk. She told me she was talking to herself in her head. Nothing sharp came flying my way, so I am assuming it was a positive one. Or, perhaps, she is waiting for the ride back.

We went straight to Disney.

By now, we know how to do it. At least we look like we do. My daughter told everyone on the tram that she had been to Disney "like 100 times" so she was not excited to be there. What a fun start. And this from someone who had begged to go for 4 months.

We arrived on a Wednesday, off-peak so the park wasn't crowded, thankfully.

A cool thing is we were last here when she was 4. Now she is 5. A whole new set of opportunties arise. Somewhere she had heard about Space Moutain and Splash Mountain and those are the rides he wanted to go on. Winnie the Pooh had moved into "too baby."

Mommy was too baby for rides ending in Mountain.