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Princesses vs. Zombies

Twas a month before Halloween and my daughter discovered a costume catalog in the mail. How it found us is another mystery. But first, a flashback:

The time: November 1, 2011

The place: Halloween rack at Target

The scenario: Lots of costume choices surrounded by large and lovely 80% off signs.

My daughter swore up and down that next year, in 2012, she wanted to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

Pinky Swear. No take backsies.

Jump forward, it's 2012, and my daughter wants to be a headless zombie. (Proof that public school teaches kids more than what's on the FCAT.)

Well, she HAD wanted to be a headless zombie. I talked her out of it. The costume is a black sheet that covers you from head to toe, topped by a severed neck which is worn as sort of a hat.

-- You will have a lot of trouble eating candy with that on. But that's good, I added.

-- Why?

-- Because then I can eat all your candy

She thought about it for 10 seconds, probably less, and we were skimming through the catalog again.

A week later, I pulled into a Halloween store. One of those pop ups somewhere along US-1. It was a spur of the moment decision. I rarely go out there near the zoo, so why not.

Lucky me, my daughter found her outfit. She is going to be the self-created rainbow girl. She wants to dress head to toe in rainbow. If you think a $29.99 Strawberry Shortcake costume is expensive, that is nothing compared to the rainbow girl in my daughter's mind. Rainbow boa:$9.99 Rainbow tutu: $14.99 Rainbow headband: $6.99 Rainbow leg warmers and fingerless gloves: $12.99 Rainbow stickers: $5.99 Rainbow earrings: $5.99 Rainbow tights: $7.99 Rainbow wand: $7.99 and the list goes on. We're still looking for the rainbow glitter shoes she is sure are out there. My Halloween budget depleted, all the kids coming to our house are getting rocks. Or pennies. Which I believe may now be worth less than rocks.

My peace of mind came in that she's not going to be wearing some of those recycled industrial waste fabric costumes we felt. Pretty Pony, Barbie Sorceress and many more. WARNING, FLAMMABLE: May burst into flame near warm florescent light.

Only 30 days to go. And this November 1, we're only visiting the candy aisles. Mommy LOVES chocolate.