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Wishes and Wisdom I Wish for in 2013

No one will be happier to see their kid move away from home than me. It will mean I've done my job well. A friend had a thought I am going to put in my own words because I can't remember exactly what she said because I was multi-tasking and not doing anything particularly well: I see myself as the tour guide of my child's life. It's my job to show my kid the sites, the possibilities, the promises and the challenges. I am here to describe them and highlight them. Then let my child choose what to go back to and spend more time with once the tour has ended.

Let me start by saying we are a long way from college. Not yet in first grade. We are starting early.

This year, my daughter participated in approximately a zillion new activities. She took classes in violin, circus, Spanish, French, ballet, ceramics, some form of karate, swimming, painting, astronomy, science, dancing, acting, magic, soccer, robotics and more.

She also taught herself a lot. This year she learned she is able to put on her own socks and can actually fix her own breakfast. It's Cheerios and milk, but that that's the official meal plan of many a college student. (In 2013, we'll have lessons in Ramen noodles, Ritz cracker pizzas and hot buttered Cheerios.)

She learned she can dress herself, take her own bath, apply Neosporin, wrap a birthday present using a whole roll of tape, and do a waltz jump on skates. She can add double digit numbers that don't exceed the sum of 100 and can recognize all circulated U.S. coins, except the gold dollar. In 2013, I will work on convincing her that a coin is a real dollar.

I taught her the difference between coral snakes and king snakes, and how to tie an 8 knot.

She can write phonetically and feed a cat.

May global warming and fiscal cliffs pass us by and I never need to teach her how to survive in the wilderness.

To my little (getting bigger) one, for your 2013 and years beyond, I hope I am guiding you to make the right decisions in the future. I can only do my best and my resolution is to strive for an even better best.

May you achieve success with your resolutions too, my little one, who said she is resolved to accessorize her outfits better.

Happy new year all!