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Mommy. Worker. Housekeeper.

I am having trouble holding down my three full time jobs.

To get everything done I need a 32-hour day and then 7 additional hours for sleep. I need to find one of those Twilight Zone monkey’s paws where when you light the wicks, time stops for everyone but you. I’d spend the time getting my house in order.

Partially because the manicurists/ masseuse/ hair colorists would be in suspended animation -- there was always that evil side to everything on that show.

Mostly, because my house is a mess.

Penelope will complain without attention.

So will the bill collectors.

The cats complain the loudest especially at 6am.

But the house never does.

There's a reason for that saying the squeaky wheel gets the grease...even more so when the can is perpetually just about empty.

There are papers all over. And shoes. And never read books and magazines, subscribed to with good intentions or temporary amnesia. But I keep them, just in case. Just in case we are ever snowed in and the lights are still working.

Now mind you, the house isn’t Haz-mat dirty. There’s no food lying around. We have ants to take care of that. And cats. If only they could haul off the junk mail too.

Taking care of Penelope starts before the birds, sun and newspaper. It’s 7am. We do 2 activities a day, morning and afternoon, with a two hour nap in-between. Then there’s getting dressed, 3 meals, 2+ snacks, getting in and out of the car, (which is more work than those without kids can imagine), teeth brushing/wrangling, preparing for bed. There’s no sneaking off to the computer when there’s such things in this world as stairs to climb, beds to fall off of, pennies to eat and swings to smack you.

While Penelope is napping, I work. From Penelope’s bedtime, around 8pm until I fall asleep on my computer and wake up with keyboard face. I’m a writer so sometimes things come easily and sometimes they don’t. When they don’t come easily….I share many AM hours on the clock with night shift, club kids, and new moms (I can't forget about those days)

And yeah I date. I’ve been seeing a nice very patient understanding guy for about 5 months. I fit him in as well. With a social shoehorn.

Both he and my mom (yay! they have something to bond over) nag me about needing more sleep. I get articles left our for me from Good Housekeeping and Reader’s Digest that a lack of sleep causes all kinds of diseases from diabetes to depression. Thanks. Like I had time to read these.

But here I am writing til past midnight to meet yet another deadine. But I wouldn’t change it. I am a stay at home working mom. I get to spend more time with my daughter and i can somehow eke enough to support us.

People who meet me think I have it all. Work and being a mommy!

I don't ever invite them to my home.

The paradox of being a modern mom!