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Killer Kids

By killer kids, I mean kids and people that have really killed other people. Those psycho murderers are somebody's child. Let's recap. Within the last week, a man killed 90 people on an island in Norway, an adopted kid killed his mom here in Florida and another Florida boy killed both his parents and had a party while their bludgeoned bodies were still in the house.

Whenever I hear about these stories, I always want to know more. Not about the crime, per se, but about the parents of the killers. What did they do wrong that I can avoid. What were their kids like as kids. Is there something I should be looking out for? Should I give my child more freedom or less? What battles should I be picking and what should I avoid? Should my kid be allowed to have a water gun or is that a gateway weapon?

Granted, I don't think my kid will grow up to kill people. I mean, the cat's still here, alive and well.

The point is more, how can I help my child grow up to be a good person. It seems there's no end to the good or bad decisions a parent can make. The books make it seem that problems have correct solutions. But what happens when I try that. When my kid colors on a table, for example, I have a talk with her. I get down on her leval and explain why its wrong. She cleans it up. She seems to understand why it's a wrong thing. And then she seamlessly moves into an entirely different irritating behavior. Perhaps, I will once agian bend down to her level and have a talk with her. Perhaps, I will lose my temper and then hope like heck afterwards I haven't said anything that will scar her for life.

I repeat to myself: Supernanny is an edited TV show and I'm sure they do retakes.