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My Holidays as a Single Mom

I hope your holidays were all Happy & Merry. Ours were. I've been told this is rare for a single mom.

We filled up our holidays with cheer by inflicting ourselves on other family members. My daughter and I spent the holidays from Christmas to New Year in Detroit, MI with my mother's brother and his family.

The key to happy holidays is a good sense of humor and a full dance card.

I definitely needed my humor when I was checking on my luggage. At Delta they told me they'd need to charge me $90 dollars for my extra 9 pounds of luggage. Granted this was one piece of luggage for two. But they weren't budging. So there I was trudging to the gate with three sweaters on and a long winter coat, towing my toddler and a carry-on filled to the brim with Princess distractions for her and little bottles of booze for me. For me, that's the key to flying.

Once we were up in Michigan, we had the cold to distract us. I love the cold. Seeing my daughter's love-hate relationship with the cold and the snow was amusing in itself. This was the first time in the snow for her that she would remember.

"Do you like the snow?" I asked.

"I like sand"

She did like that the snow didn't come with ants.

She went down a hill on an improvided sled - the top of a recycling bin. She liked that well enough. She also liked making footprints and walking up and down the mounds.

She did not like hot chocolate which was surprising.

My uncle has 3 older kids so she found that great. Playing Barbies and doing puzzles with the 10 year old (the youngest of the three) she felt like a really big girl.

And the Detroit Science Museum is awesome. it puts ours to shame 100 times over.

I slept through new year. I didn't mean to do that.

She was happy. i was happy. You don't need a traditional mom-dad-kid family to be happy over the holidays. What me and my daugher need is to be happy with ourselves and then find someone to share that happiness with. Our tradition will be to seek out family and/or friends to share our holidays with. We come bearing presents.

Interestingly, on the flight back my daughter bonded with another little girl over their taste in suitcases. My daughter with her princess roll-on and this other little girl with her Dora wheelie. Her and her mom were was headed to Miami for a cruise. The flight was too full for us to sit near each other and chat for long but we established the single mom connection and I gave her my number.

Tomorrow may rain, but we'll follow the snow.