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The Ice Skating Mom of Miami

The STEM education of Miami Beach = Skating, Tennis, Equestrian, Martial Arts

It's past midnight and I'm not done with the sequins. Where am I going to get more sequins at midnight?

Only 6 more days until my daughter's ice skating competition and I have about 500,000 sequins to go. I heard there's no such thing as too much glitter when it comes to these displays of crazy parenting athleticism.

Right now as she is sleeping I am playing her 1:06 minute song over and over so her subconscious brain can be doing swizzles and snowplow stops. No math or reading this week. We don't need trivia to distract us from the real prize: A plastic trophy.

In preparation for the competition (her first), she and I have been watching Toddlers and Tiaras together with some vintage Shirley Temple for good measure. We're dissecting just what makes the winners winners. Charm, sparkle, skill, a gallon of go-go juice and obsessive parenting! You want that plastic trophy, baby, because mommy wants it. At least until you go to college and I transform your room into a craft den.

I told myself I wouldn't be this kind of a mom, pushing my child forward in ice skating, of all things. I can see she doesn't really want to do a flawless routine or care if she does. This means I must be the one who cares! Cares enough to cover 30 yards of fabric with Swarovski rhinestones!

Read more next week as I recap the competition. Only 6 days left and at least 30 more hours of rehearsal. I wonder if its too late to start homeschooling.