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Welcome Baby Blue

My condolences about your name aside, welcome to the publicity machine world. I hope you enjoyed your stay at New York's Lenox Hill hospital. Your birth certainly caused a stir. Not your birth actually but your parents and their security hogging up the maternity ward. That'll just go in the pile of "What were they thinking?"

"They were thinking only of themselves."

As for your name, your parents were thinking of a magic marker.

But I diverge. My daughter was born at Lenox Hill, too. Thankfully, not at the same time you were.

I am very curious what $1.3 million got you all. That's the number the media reported your parents paid the hospital to put black curtains on the windows, install bulletproof glass, disconnect the security cameras, get a wing/floor of your family's own and prevent other parents from visiting their children in the neonatal unit.

Firsthand, I know Lenox Hill is a normal ugly hospital, hospital smelling hospital, with a hospitaly hospital vibe you couldn't smother under any acreage of wall to wall carpet. I remember a room full of us new moms learning CPR basics on a doll, a plastic bin to wheel my infant around in and a soda machine down the hall.

Blue, if your parents really loved you they would have had a castle shaped hospital built just for your birth. With bullet-proof windows through which their friends, wise men, camels and donkeys could have watched.

Anyway, feel free to call us for a playdate whenever you're in town.