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Happy ThanksLiving!!!

Every night before we go to bed my daughter and I name 5 things we are thankful for and on some nights we discuss them. I am trying to raise a grateful kid who can appreciate the simple pleasures as well as the Barbie DreamHouse.

Two “items” which always make the list are Grammy (Grandma) and duckies. Duckies are her blankets. Three somewhat identical blue felt squares with blue satin trim and yellow duck heads popping from the middle. I assume Mommy will make the list. I avoid finding out otherwise by asking, “What 5 things besides Mommy are you thankful for?”

In no particular order, others items which have made her top 5 in the past few months include:


Shoes (“So we can go out…Mickey can’t wear shoes so he can’t go out” (Mickey is our cat))

Sara (a cousin)

Rebecca (another cousin)

David (another cousin)

George (a curious monkey)

Melanie (a friend)

Heather and Jenna (friends who are sisters)

Chocolate milk (“I like chocolate milk”)


911 (we've never called it but we talk about how it keeps us safe)

Toes (“Because we walk with them”)


Seat belt ("it keeps us safe")

New bed (“I’m a big girl”)

Toothbrush (“So my teeth don’t get brownie”)

Three (her new age)

Pajamas (“I won’t be cold”)




So what am I thankful for this Thanksgiving? That I have a lot to be thankful for.