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Fashion (Non) Sense

I'm sorry dear daughter, the way you dress is not that great. I let you dress yourself and it shows. However, I can’t care that much when I see how proudly you wear that Dora shirt for the umpteenth time.

However, what I'm not sure of is how to guide the fashion sense process. I grew up in the day of
Garanimals . I am now dependent on others telling me what to wear and how to wear it. For those that don't know this line of mix-and-match children's clothes, the gimmick was that each item of clothing featured a hang-tag depicting one of several animals. If the separates had matching hang-tags then you knew your clothes matched ­ according to the manufacturer's standards. They say this increased a child's confidence. I say it enabled dependency. Where are those hang-tags now that I still need them? But that's all about me.

I want to learn to guide my daughter and living in Miami really doesn't help. Here she’ll learn tacky, skimpy, inappropriately tight, fruit bowl, and Ed Hardy, which really need to go away.

I like my daughter's creativity and her simplicity in matching. Dora goes with Dora. Disney with Disney. Blue with blue except for days when she wants to wear 'Rainbow'. Rainbow days can mean two-tone pink zebra pattered leggings, yellow skirt over them, pink shirt with Princesses, purple socks and white sneakers with flowers.

But there's so much more she could wear! She has no apple hips to hide or
jiggly underarms. There¹s no reason she needs to be dressed like a junior high school art teacher. But if Pen wants to wear the oversized, over-washed t-shirts with Hello Kitty, I'm not going to argue with that any more than I would over the colored crayons she picks to draw with.

There are so many other 'arguments' to be had like

"Stop jumping on the bed" Remember what happened to the monkeys.

"Don't put that money in your mouth."

"Leave your seatbelt on while I'm driving. And DON'T touch that doorlock"

Those are dangerous behaviors. I beleive the only ones in danger during my 3-year old's rainbow days are epileptics.

At least I didn't start her down the much worse path; those denim-look diapers made by
Huggies . I much prefer that children wear clothes. No matter what they look like.