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Hurricane Reason

Hurricane season isn't over yet but I'd like to believe I am somewhat prepared.

I have a few flashlights and some batteries. And if I need more batteries, I am not opposed to dissecting talking Elmo and, you, glowing Cinderella and, you, Leapster thing.

I know not to buy frozen pizza and milk when preparing for a hurricane. I saw that many Northeastern shelves were picked bare of everything, even gallons of ice cream. That confused me. Having been here for Andrew, I know that power can really be out for two weeks. I have two weeks of Diet Coke, lots of cans of tuna and Cheerios. For my daughter, between the cans, the cereal and the selzer, her meals will be the same as what I make her for breakfast/lunch/dinner on normal days - but her Diet Coke is seltzer. I will drink that Diet Coke hot, in case you're wondering.

In Florida, hoarding DDT and other mosquito toxins may even be smarter than hoarding food. In my waterproof safe, I keep the citronella candles.

I have a to-go bag for my cat.

I have a general idea of where my "important" documents are. I have managed to keep these to a minimum by not accumulating much of value. Thank you expensive pre-school.

I have an idea of where to go if evacuated. Hi sister! I come in peace with kid and cat in tow. (This may translate as, we'll be in a Holiday Inn somewhere.)

I am thankful we were passed over by the Hurricanes and storms so far.

I am still nervous that we have three months or so left of Hurricane Season which really should be called Hurricane Alert 3/4th of a year. I guess that doesn't look so good on the travel brochures.