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A Single Moms Guide to Father's Day

Rejoice single moms, Father's Day is during the summer. It's much easier to avoid any insensitive school mandated annual activities like card making, cigar rolling and spittoon decorating.

You'll have no one's feet to rub or socks to pick up on this very special Hallmark created day. You'll save at least $5 on a mantle quality card and $75 on a "gadget."

Treat yourself nice today, moms.

Head on down to the mall. Most men I know want to spend their very special day in front of the TV, at home, not at Sears.

Avoid steakhouses. They'll be full of dads enjoying their very special day. With their screaming, running kids in the proximity of steak knives.

Work out, lift some weights. Someday your kid may be confronted.

Mean kid: My dad can beat up your dad.

Your kid: That may be true. but my mom will crush your dad's bones to dust.

Kill a spider, fix the washer, BBQ a whole pig. It's all about being all the total role model.

Raise a glass to yourself and celebrate what you have. The power to be both mom and dad.

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