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Mean Reindeer Games

Did any other families see the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer 1964 classic this holiday season? I was shocked to see how mean the reindeer were to Rudolph. Shocked.

Rotten bullies undeserving of Rudolph's unique talents.

From the day he's born almost, Rudolph's dad Donner tells him to hide his nose because it embarrasses him. Then dad puts some dirt on it and tells Rudolph he's now worthy of the family name and the chance to see daylight. While all this is happening, mom stands meekly by.

Comet, the reindeer coach, is especially mean. He tells the other kids not to play with Rudolph. Ever. Never ever. And this comes from an adult mammal with the gym whistle of authority around his neck.

Do the other young deer playing reindeer games listen to Comet? Of course they do. What fun it is to make fun of someone else.

Even Santa is a mean bully telling Donner that his son will never be useful for pulling the sleigh, the gold standard and apparently the only standard of excellence.

Abandoned and unloved, Rudolph goes off into the world on his own. All by himself. Out in a blinding snowstorm. Out where an infamous and large snow monster lives. A baby deer. Without leaving so much as a note. When he comes back after what appears to be months and months, do the other reindeer say "Hey, we're glad you're safe," nope, they go right on bullying him.

Not until they need his rare talent do they even come close to appreciating the little fawn. Imagine if Rudolph's disability was blindness or a shortened limb. Imagine if there were no snowstorm that particular night.

Then on the radio today I heard an interesting revised version of the Rudolph song. it was by Jack Johnson and after the lyrics "Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer

you'll go down in history" the song ended with:

"Well Rudolph he didn't go for that

he said 'I see through your silly games'

How could you look me in the face

when only yesterday you called me names?

Well all of the other reindeers man,

well they sure did feel ashamed,

"Rudolph you know we're sorry,

we're truly gonna try to change"

You can listen to it here.

It's start anyway. If I were Rudolph, I would have made Santa sit on a lead reindeer with a klieg light if he really wanted to deliver those toys.