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Looking (Baby) Fat in Skinny Jeans

My daugter has outgrown all her clothes, even the ones that fit her. She has decided that she is no longer a 3 but a 4 since her 4th birthday is only 5 months away. Rather than debate this with her, becasue who am I to tell her that the roomy polo shirt can't possible be chaffing her underarms, I've been cutting the labels out of her clothes. Her clothes are only "too tight" when she sees that number 3 before the "T".The same goes for the shoes. She has opted out of the 9s for the 10s. For this, I went to Italian sizes. She is perplexed that she is now a 26 but appreciates the upgrade.

Woe is the day someone tells her about the skinny jean. They now exist for toddlers and Gap, J. Crew, Levi's, H&M, and American Eagle have all jumped on board this trend train. I can revel in the fact I can now live my fashion dreams through my child as I am at least 16 sizes away from skinny jeans. My tot can have the slim long leg line I can only dream of, even if her legs are the size of my leg up to my knee, But is this the right thing to do. if a child can discern between the numbers as in a 3 is for "babies" and a 4 is for "grown up kids" I can only imagine the worst with something called skinny jeans.

A kid is cute, but a kid with a tight jean lifted butt on the budding cusp of an eating know, I don't want to know the person who thinks that's cute.

What I do like about skinny jeans is that they're not sold with unicorns, Dora, embellishments, laces, flowers, glitter, or Barbie/Princesses/Elmo. Of course, for those reasons she won't wear them.

At least the fad is not low-rise jeans. I'd draw the line at toddler thongs - and Boyfriend jeans. What boyfriend is she borrowing those jeans from? I don't even want her to know about those yet.