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Too Much Homework in Kindergarten!

I can't believe how much homework my daughter has in kindergarten. There's just no time to watch Phineas and Ferb or play Club Penguin on the computer. (You're losing us Disney!)

She takes violin with the directive to play at least 15 minutes a day. When she can read notes and mommy finally buys earplugs, it will be longer.

Her ice skating coach told her to practice her crossovers which basically means bending the knees and moving around in circles, straight backed, arms out, with a stuffed animal balanced on the head. That's another 15 minutes a night as it's supposed to be alternated with stomach crunches for inner core and some other exercises which I will have to refer to my line drawings to remember.

We practice lines for drama class. It's not Shakespeare, but they are compound sentences.

We review the movements in chess. Ten minutes of this time is mommy consulting her chess book for what those movements are.

We do self-directed science. She asks questions and then we seek the answers. For example: What if I put shampoo on dry hair? (We do an experiment) Or how do tattoos stay on people's skin. (Needles I say. Sharp sharp scary needles that can SCAR YOU HORRIFICALLY FOR LIFE...!!!) Other answers can be found on the computer. Answers to questions on lightning, insects, digestion, warts etc.

Then there's my homework. She needs to read me a book a night and do some math problems (she says her classwork is too easy and I need her to get a big scholarship to whatever party school ivy league university she's going to choose.)

That takes us to her school homework assignments. Those she can get done in 2 minutes if there's no cutting and pasting involved.