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Holidays 2012: Good Child, Bad List

I read a great news story today about an Ohio preschool teacher who replaced all the toys and learning materials in his classroom with cardboard boxes and other raw materials. He thought his room full of three year old kids would complain, but it turned out all apparently liked the boxes more than the toys.

($49.95 Disney branded cardboard boxes coming Winter, 2013)

This brings me to my daughter and her holiday wish list. Turns out my 5 year old doesn't want any toys. $30 billion spent on commercials did nothing to move my child. She wants an iphone, and ipad and a camera. Things grown ups have, she said.

She was not even discouraged by the fact I, personally, have no ipad and that ipads don't have sequins.

You can borrow mine, she said. Sometimes. If I'm sleeping and you don't run out the batteries.

It's nice to know she is conscientious about the batteries. Not heartwarming or soul-stirring, but nice in a "hooray, the turkey is charred but not burnt" kind of a way.

I pointed out to her that I have socks and picture frames too. Maybe she wanted these, instead.

Grandma gets me socks whenever I want. And you have all my pictures in the frames, she said, correctly. You can have socks and picture frames for presents.

Boy is she going to be surprised with the cardbord box I get her. And the cardboard ipad.