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Notes on Holiday Gift Giving

How can I get more clear than "Mom don't buy me anymore clothes." I used to add "please" to that sentence but it did't seem to work any better. I have drawers filled with clothes I am never going to wear because my mother bought them for me. I thought about giving them away but the guilt trumps the charity.

"My mother thought of me when she picked that up'" I think. I should get the warm fuzzies when I hold this bright yellow two sizes too big Ralph Lauren shirt, but I don't. I don't like primary colors. I don't like standing out or looking like a giant Yield sign. Then my thoughts begin to spiral..."There must be wrong with me."

And the gift giving doesn't stop at clothes. I have drawers of photo albums I'll never use, holiday themed dishware, and barometric gagues. And many many things with monograms or otherwise persoanlized. I am still struggling with what do with items that are inscribed "Aimee and Craig" (my ex-husband). Brand new and already useless unti I meet another Craig to marry.

Don't get me wrong. I appreciate gifts. i grasp the meaning and realize I should be grateful for all I recieve. I am aware of the world, the joblessness and poverty. Dear Abby columns are filled with writers like me and writer writing about people like me. But I don't need the stuff and it's money out the door and into the pockets of TJ MAxx, clutter in my life, and more of the earth's limited natural resources wasted on useless stuff. I am never going to wear powder blue. Archiologists millions of years from now are going to have a field day analyzing our current culture. If my house were to be buried under volcano ash today, 2000 years from now, they'd peg us as a worshippers of skinny waisted princess who kept dozens of gift-basketed Bed & Bath soaps as sacred objects.

I read that gift cards were unpopular becasue then the recipient feels the gift giver didn't think enough about them. I think it says they thought a lot. I also like the idea of taking a picture of the item you thought you were going to get me and then wrapping it with the money instead. or wrapping it ithout the money, if it's just the thought we're going for. (But i certainly could use money to pay for my daughter's school and lessons)

This year, if you're a friend of mine you're getting a gift basket or a shirt, most likely a few sizes too large.

Happy holidays!