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Learn, Baby, Learn. Time is running out!

This morning my mom informed me that Penelope’s brain was 75% of the way developed. Thank you, experts of Good Housekeeping . I thought you were a feel good magazine. Now you have me worried whether I’m a good mom or not. My daughter’s brain is 75% developed and what does she know. Why didn’t someone warn me at the 50% mark? Everyone who knows me knows I procrastinate. How is she going to cram all the subjects I missed into 25% of available brain space? Art History, Geography, Chinese, Physics, and Zoology…and we haven’t even scratched the surface of addition yet.

My 2-year-old 3-month daughter knows the alphabet, she knows her colors, numbers up to 12 and then 17 through 20. She can name all of Disney’s princesses and can even say Pocahontas. Of course, she can’t pronounce Penelope yet. She doesn’t know one constellation, and can’t tell a square from a rectangle. She knows her mommy likes Diet Coke…and the rest of what she knows is on par with that. That kid at the park was only 3 months older than her and could name every one of the 10 plastic dinosaurs in his bag and he used the scientific names, not the ones my daughter uses for her dinosaurs – Ernie, Alice, Charlie, Susie…

Only when you become an adult do you fully appreciate all you’ve learned. And then wonder, “How the heck do I know that?” “How the heck did I learn that?” ‘How the heck do I remember all this?” I may not have a memory to count cards (I’m old and my brain space is filled) but I recognize all the numbers and suites. Why do I know every breed of dog in existence? Why can I can speak with a perfect Spanish accent but I know so few Spanish words? I couldn’t have learnt it all before two. Or did I and that’s why my knowledge is so esoteric and odd.

Excuse me, but I have to run, Penelope and I are late for her Poker class.