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Thanksgiving is coming and I’m feeling sappy. My family doesn’t plan to do anything for Thanksgiving. We’ll probably get around to ordering a turkey to cook, or waiting so long all we find are turkey hotdogs and turkey Lunchables. Then we’ll boil some zucchini and overcook the yams. But that’s typical. I’m thankful my family has this tradition. It’s our tradition down to the mismatched paper napkins, some left over from 1978. I’m thankful my body can still process all that sodium in those two meat-like food products I mentioned.

The thing about Thanksgiving is that I’m thankful all year round. I don’t need a date on the calendar or Hallmark telling me when I need to celebrate. I’m thankful (and relieved) making it home on I-95 every day. I’m thankful for a family who creates a village with me for my kid. I’m thankful I had a kid. Around 4 years ago at this time I was about to have her. Her birth was the cumulation of a 5-year journey and untilI was holding her in my arms, I didn’t believe it was ever going to happen. I am thankful for a daughter who sees the glass as half full because it fills up my half empty one.

And what would Thanksgiving be without the handturkey. Celebrate the handturkey, moms. I invite you to see my little G-rated animated film:

Everyone is sleeping now but tomorrow I am going to ask them what they are thankful for and post them.