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That's a Learning Moment ®

My mommy friend and I have a catchphrase. it's our Simpson's "Okley dokley!" or the Seinfeldian "There's nothing wrong with that"

We say "That's a learning moment."

For mommies unfamiliar with the term, a learning moment is that precise instant when an educational opportunity naturally presents itself.

Basically, my friend and I use it:

1. When we see something that can be used to teach the kids.

2. A learning moment for me (or her) personally


We went to the Dade County Youth Fair (or whatever the new regime calls it now) and the 911paramedics crew were helping a woman who looked like she had fainted. A good opportunity to see 911 in action without gore. "That's a Learning Moment"

My daughter went on an amusement park swing ride in the children's area. IT WAS IN THE CHILDREN'S AREA!!! I had no idea the ride would go up 30 feet in the air swinging my kid around at high velocity while she was sitting on a small metal chair with a seat belt she could easily unhook if she chose to. Note to self, watch the ride for a cycle before allowing your kid on. "That's a Learning Moment"

My daughter wants to pour the seltzer water into the cup by herself. Well, naturally, it spills all over the place. I say "That's a Learning Moment" and we towel up the spill together.

Did the red and the yellow and the blue paint mix to become brown? "That's a Learning Moment."

Did the play dough fall into the water play pool and get super gross and slimy, then we had to throw it away. "That's a Learning Moment." And I had no idea how gross wet play dough felt until she did that. And yes, bunny, if you pour water on your friend's head. Expect she will pour it on yours.

Sticking your finger into the wasabi at a Japanese restaurant and putting it into your mouth even as your mom yells, no no, no. don't - don't do that! "That's a Learning Moment," too.

So is learning to tie shoes and button shirts.

Even things like coloring on the wall can be counted as a Learning Moment. A ONE TIME free pass learning moment.

I find myself using the phrase even when she's not around. I accidentally erase a column of numbers on my Excel spreadsheet at work, or forget a tuna salad sandwich in my car and can't go get it because I have meetings all day and it just sits there in the Florida sun and bakes and a lovely smell... "That's a Learning Moment" and one I still live with 5 weeks later.

Pay attention to the details and any moment can easily turn into a learning moment for a child or a mom. It greatly helps to have a sense of humor.

I'd love to read about other mommy' learning moments! Please share.