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Empty Promise

All this time I've been shopping at Publix thinking I've been getting money back for my kids college. And I have been. I checked my account today for the first time, and in 2 years I've gotten back 23 cents. I was so sure there had to be a mistake, I called the company.

For those of you who don't know, Publix has a program called UPromise. According to the ad copy "Once you join Upromise®, nearly everything you buy or do can mean more money for college in your Upromise account."

My understanding was I'd get in the area of 1% back from purchases.

I spent my lunch half hour on the phone with Eric in India.

Before I learned that the 1% is only applicable to selected purchases, I learned there are two sites: and I was on the wrong one. I had to request to peak to a manger to work this out as Eric from India's script did not deviate from the firm belief that the top of the page said "Sign in". Mine clearly said "Log in"

Now where did it say select purchaes. And what were those select purchases.

Where does it say, I asked.

There on the page.



See the small print.

The one that says coupons are non-negotiable.

The smaller print.

Copyright 2011?

Under that.

Wait until I get my magnifying glass.

Now I see. I only get 1% back on select purchases. What are those, I asked.

Look at the coupons.

So basically, the idea is, the customer needs to log on and select coupons for the select products before going shopping.

What a select group of products they were.

Buy 1 Fleishmann's Yeast (ar or Strop), Save 40¢

Buy 1 NO YOLKS, Save 40¢

Save 1% on applesauce.

Natural selection would have killed them long ago. I had to look up what some of them were. No Yolk.

So moms before believing any corporation is actually doing something nice for your kid, read the small print.