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Dear Florida Attraction, an Open Letter

Dear Florida Attraction,

I am writing this letter to you as an avid attraction goer. Every weekend, my daughter and I must do something and what we do is visit your theme park/ animal park/ aquarium/ zoo/ museum/ you name it. Neither one of us has the attention span to stay home and, frankly, I'd rather have the entertainment thought out by professionals then have to come up with activities on my own. I don't believe anything I provide could replace the excitement and educational value of a real-live giraffe/ killer whale/ planetarium/ parrot show/ child sized grocery/ butterfly garden.

We're customers you want. I am always buying something, even your $3 water and diet cokes. Since it's only me and my child, I don't have a significant other to hoist the giant polar ice cooler while I carry the child. Heck, if my kid wants something from your gift shop and it isn't a dust magnet, I will probably get it for her. I am a guilty feeling, working, single mom and I don't mind the once/twice a week splurge.

In return, please think of us. The single parent/ single child household. I'd really appreciate an annual family membership option for us. I visited an attraction this weekend and my only choice was to buy two individual memberships for $40 a piece which was less than the $95 for the 2 parent/2 kid option.

Seeing the unfairness of this, I did sign up for the family membership and added on another single parent/single child to my "family". (Happy birthday LR!)

I don't think I should have to do this, but everywhere we go "family" is defined by 4 people.

The census reported that in 2010 nearly 34 percent of families with children had only one parent in the household. The average household size in 2009 was 2.63 (that's two adults and less than one child - or one adult and one child and less than another adult).

There are a lot of us who would appreciate this option. I am always inviting other families like us to join us on our adventures. Our friends would come with us a lot more often if we - and they - could more fairly get annual memberships. We'd even settle for an option of an individual adult membership if we could simultaneously purchase a single child membership for a price reflective of the cost of a child ticket.

On behalf of single parents - and divorced ones who are not going places with the ex-spouse, please offer a membership option for us.

We'll even come visit you in the summer.

Sincerely yours,

Aimee Heller