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The Unicorn Mom

My daughter is 5 years old and I feel compelled to start preparing her for college. The world is global. Good for the big picture and viruses that want to spread, bad for us little people who can't afford to name a university building. Now our kids are competing with people from all over the world for college seats. When I was younger, we had a Peterson's Guide, some stamps and a glossy brochure. None of which attracted that many people from overseas.

Now there are millions of kids, for whom English isn't even a first through fourth language, who can score perfect 800s on each and every section of the SAT. Harvard can fill a whole class of perfect scorers with enough left over to fill all the Ivies and then some.

Which gives moms like me a little room.

Top colleges are bored with the perfect scorers. The "A" students. Colleges are even bored of the Westinghouse Scholar runners-ups. Gene sequencing? Been there, done that.

Colleges are looking for that "je ne sais quoi." Which translates to: Child Amuse Us. (Which I imagine being said with a dismissive wave of hand)

So far from being a Tiger Mom. I'm going to be a Unicorn Mom and look to mold that one of a kind person with an "exceptional talent." The unique "great" one who excels in the violin, when its held like a guitar. Which she will play while singing original songs in Urdu and painting endangered animals (to bring attention to their plight) with her toes.

We're on our way!

And moms, help me help our kids. Join me in writing/twittering to Governor Rick Scott and state legislators and telling them what an awful idea it would be to force universities to dip into their savings to cover expenses so Florida can spend it's money on other state government spending. Larger story here. What this means is tuition hikes. And schools who may not see any reason to be fiscally responsible anymore. This will mean more tuition hikes. I can't even imagine the cost of tuition hikes over the 12 years it will take before my daughter is ready for college. Florida needs to get priorities in order. Education should be on top of the list. Less tax breaks for special interests.