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Sex, Drugs and Facebook.

Mom there’s a danger lurking on the Internet, waiting to corrupt young, underdeveloped minds. It’s called Facebook. And it’s the ultimate enabler.

Facebook is uncharted territory for the unwary. Kids can put it all out there and be instantly famous without doing anything more than, well, putting it out there.

We must teach them not to put everything out there. I’ve seen and heard about a lot of what can be put on there and there is a good portion of the younger generation you’ll never see running for President or a running a Fortune 500 company. Once it’s out there, it can never be taken back.

These kids, today, they just don’t know the dangers.

My kid is too young for the Internet, but I have it categorized in there with sex, drugs and cigarettes. Something to get smart about before it destroys some fundamental, but yet undefined, part of your life.

My generation, we had it easy. When we did something we didn’t want anyone to know about, we just did it. There were no cell phones to record it. Thus, there aren’t any photographs proving we did it. In other words, it never happened.

Now in two seconds any committed indiscretion can be seen on Facebook by millions including spouses, friends, college recruiters, other moms, and pageant officials.

Its one thing to smoke a joint, another to be downloaded 500,000 times doing it and immortalized as a screensaver. Remember, what goes up, never comes down. Even if you un-tag and erase, somewhere those pixels will always be lurking, just waiting to be discovered when you try and tell your kids you never drank before you were 21. Remind them of this even though they’ll be far from understanding it.

Frankly I’m not going to pretend to understand how one teenager thinks it's a good idea to send nude pictures of themselves to another teenager. But, then again, I can’t fathom why anyone would like the Jonas Brothers (they’re gone now aren’t they?) or black licorice.

Indeed, risk-taking is an important tool for teenagers seeking to assert their independence and define and develop their personalities. Just remind them, remind them, remind them, not to do anything stupid – that’s permanent.