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My Rival is a Duck

Mommy is Jealous of a Duck.

No , mommy I don’t want you, I want duckie, Penelope will say.

Mommy where’s duckie? I don’t want to go with you, I want to go with Duckie.

No, mommy you can’t sit there, Duck is sitting there.

Do you want mommy to hug you?, I say. No, she says, I have duckie.

My daughter carries a blanket with a duck head on it everywhere she goes. The blanket is blue and soft popping up right in the middle is a plush duck head and torso right in the middle. Soft and yellow with an always pleasant expression. The duck doesn’t even have a forced smile so she can project any emotion into him (and it is a him, according to her although, sometimes too, so is her cousin Sara).

Duckie is always there ready for a hug. Never mad, never irritated always ready and wiling to be carried – or dragged – anywhere. He also doesn’t mind if she wipes he nose on him or her hands after she eats a piece of pizza. I cant' compete especially when I'm dressed to go to work.

If Penelope ever wins an Oscar, i am sure duckie will be thanked before me. in fact, it wouldn't surprise me if duck was the plus one. How's a mom not to be jealous? Here I am dealing with poopy diapers, rubbing mosquito bites, and picking crushed peas off the floor and duckie gets the best seat reserved for him in front of the TV. I believe he also gets to pick many of the channels we watch as I find myself getting constantly outvoted.

When she is tired he also becomes a covering for her eyes if there is too much light.

And she doesn’t just have one duckie, she has four. I bought them in multiples in case I lost one and I kept thinking I’d lost one so I’d give her another. Well, they were never really lost. They got found and now multiplied. As I lie here I my bed writing this, she is lying next to me sleeping with all four duckies. I am on the half foot of bed now not occupied. There is no hierarchy among the ducks, so I am a consistent fifth.

How can I compete with such perfection? I’ll tell you how. Only I can pour her a sippy cup of chocolate milk. Of course, i do find myself occasionally pouring one for him as well - though there I lose a lot of credit. Duckie is an incredibly selfless sharer.