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Quit Blaming the Television

if only we got rid of the commercials on TV for sugar cereals, the children of the world would be fitter and healthier, choosing the carrot sticks over the cookies.

Nah. I don't believe it. What the carrot company needs is florescent packaging with edge-of-obnoxious animated characters. Dye those sticks blue and coat them with low-fat rainbow sprinkles. Don't beat them, join them.

Child centered marketing equals big business with billions of dollars worth of child influenced sales each year.

Kids want to spend their money on flashing lights and bells. I don't blame them. I myself look for promise areound every corner. Added value that some food or drink is going to solve all my emotional needs and fanciful wants.

Let's not blame the commercials. Parents need to blame themselves. Whose money are the kids using to buy those snacks? i haven't yet caught my 5 year old sneaking out for the graveyard shift WalMart paycheck.

Parents, talk to your kids about commercials. If you can convince your kid Smurfs aren't real, why can't you convince them that the Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs bird's hyperactive behavior is caused by too much sugar and behavior like that will get you ostracized at school.

Besides, kids are like goldfish, swimming along happily in their bowls, never bored because their minds work something like this:

Oooooo... look at this exciting side of the bowl. I've never been here before. Let me see what happens if I swim to the other side...Here I am at the other side of the bowl. How exciting...Now I'll swim to the other side, I wonder what's over there.

In other words, what they want on TV today, may likely be replaced with something new tomorrow, or just forgotten about.

Or, there's something to be said about moderation.

MOM: "Fine, you screamed and cried and held your breath for 50 minutes and I am going to reward you for that behaviour with these Fruity Tooty Peanut Butter sixteen sugar scoop per spoonful filled cereal."

Buy it and dole it out in snack sized baggies. Even Oreo has managed to made 100 calorie bags. Sure it's 1/2 cookie (the small half) but it's an Oreo!!! Praise be Nabisco for meeting my emotional needs.

When your kids start noticing the ads for Prada. Then it's a real problem.