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Making a List, Checking it Twice. Then tossing it.

It's that most wonderful list making time of the year again.

Not that I need more lists.

I have short term lists, long term lists, medium term lists, lists of things to do at home and at work. I have lists of things I need to get at Publix and Petco and lists of things I owe back to the library. I also have that list of lifetime goals like visit Japan again and finish the books I've been writing.

Now I have holiday wish lists from all the folks in the family and a wish list of my own, too. Then it's time to make that resolution list.

This year, I'm working on diminishing the lists I have. Not achieving the goals, per se, just chucking the lists.

For too long I've been living with the despair of never reaching the ends of lists. Whether it was get married, have a child, or take in the dry cleaning. I have the child and once again the getting a husband and taking in the dry cleaning are back on my list. See, even if you do get to cross something off the list, it can come back.

Lists are like Sisyphus pushing the rock up the mountain.

I'm going to put only things that "must- not-at-all-costs-be-forgotten" on my lists, like birthday party dates and work deadlines, and wear wrinkled clothes.

Really, the most important things in my life to do, I've never written down, and somehow I don't forget them.