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Memories for Sale: Cheap!

I have a garage sale permit!!!

I took my daughter to Art Basel this weekend and rather than just stuff her in a stroller with a bag of Cheetos, or rather chedder flavored rice cakes as then fingerprints are not quite so visible on sculpture, I decided to take this opportunity to gauge her taste. Basically if it was shiny, new, bright, colorful and made of flourescent lights she loved it.

Not my taste, and never has been. But it got me thinking. Based on what I know about my daughter's taste, all the things I was collecting for her is just bound for the trash when she finally puts me in a home.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I sure wouldn't pay $16 million for a door that looks like a cartoon piece of chese even if Roy Lichestein painted it.

My little girl is growing up and she has her own tastes. She likes her stuff. And my home is too crowded with stuff already. While I'm not a hoarder, I am a keeper of things. I am what is called a sentimental slob. I don't love my stuff enough to booby-trap it, but I have a hard time letting go of things when they're attached to memories or have some sort of percieved value. However, it's high time to part with my ex-husband's J Crew and Banana Republic sweaters just like I parted with him over 4 years ago now. (But though you may think I am holding on to the memories, it was more than I was holding on to the idea that I would move back North.)

Also going are things like my collection of Macy's space consuming annual dust collectors collectable Christmas plush, outgrown children's clothes, baby toys, books and the collection of cat themed items people give you thinking that if you own a cat you must want things with cats on them, and a Don Johnson calendar. I need at least 20% of the floor in my daughter's room to be uncovered so we can fit more than one friend. Plus, I realize it's now time to cling to the remnants of my daughter's childhood rather than my own. She's growing up so fast.

Of course, I don't want to let the good stuff go without a fight!!! I hope there's someone out there who will appreciate it.