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Saturday Night Single Mommy

Hey all you mommies out there, sitting at home, reading blogs on Saturday night, imagining me reading this in a late night deep and raspy radio voice. I'm here at home in my pajamas, watching TV, glass of wine in hand. Thankfully, Publix carries my favorite wine. I had a chance to purchase it today when picking up the cottage cheese for my failing losing weight campaign and the squeezable yogurt for Monday's lunch box.

The little one is asleep and I'm too cheap to pop for a babysitter. I'm watching Miami Vice on, enmeshed in my retro fantasy life. Is this what Miami night life is still like? I reminisce to the last time I was in a club. it was in the design district, which was known as the sketchy area over the railroad tracks back then. And Fire & Ice was the only thing open besides Denny's at 3 a.m. in all of Miami. Most importantly, they let us sneak in for 16, which was the 18 back then. Then I flash forward to my daughter at 16 and hope the minimum club age is 36 by then.

So its near midnight and now the Little House on the Prairie marathon is on pause. I've never seen the show before but it's reassuring wallpaper as i browse the web. I'm also entertaining myself with a favorite chat friend. I've known him since birth, literally. We have no romantic connection, but an intellectual connection and a shared love of British comedies. He has no girlfriend at the moment and he tells me about the single life, the single without kids one. This doesn't just include dating, but also going to the gym and financial decisions that don't include a second mortgage to pay for pre-pre-kindergarten finger painting class. As soon as he gets a steady girlfriend he'll disappear. These kinds of friends usually reappear after they get married and before the kids come. My mommy friends, they're all sleeping now. Or maybe out on the town. Midnight on weekends is that gap time, the crossover between the worlds. Come 8 am all the mommies with toddlers will be in mommy mode again.

I don't wish I was anywhere else or doing anything else.