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A Mall Threw Up in My House

Or maybe it was a thrift store. Whatever it is I am drowing in clutter. Not just physical clutter but mental clutter. I have three people living inside of me. Work Aimee, Mom Aimee and Aimee Aimee. Even then I'm divided further. Work Aimee splits into Full-time job and freelance Aimee. Mom Aimee is school Aimee, activity Aimee, social Aimee, home Aimee, and mommy trying hard to get her child to love reading. Aimee Aimee is just a mess of all sort of hopes and dreams - like to clean out a closet or two and to write a book and to get more sleep and to possibly kill that flying insect thing over there - that there's never time to realize.

Work has 7000 things I need to remember. Freelance has 1000 more. My daughter comes with thouands and thousands more details from doctor's office shots to choosing what to read as the mystery reader at her school to her favorite ice cream flavor. And is it time again to put oil in my car?

But the clutter. I am drowing in a clutter of tasks as well. There are things that are unworn and outgrown that need to be tossed. Things that need to be sewn. I need to fix the sink. I need to buy the part to fix the sink. The car needs to be vacuumed. i need to borrow a vaccum. I need to get a new camera. I need to turn some super 8 films into DVDs. I have to mail a box. I need to get the correct address the box is going to. I need to call somebody because my sister thought it'd be a good idea. The junk mail senders may have some good offer for me, but really, you killed the trees and caught me at the wrong time. It's overwhelming, really it is.

I know I'm not going to be the first to say technology complicates things. It makes my mind cluttered and my desktop. I hop on the Internet for one thing and hours later I'm still on the Internet. I link from one thing to the next and have clutted up my bookmarks. As soon as I think I've made a decision with internet reseach, like on which camera to buy, then I find there are 200 more things I haven't considered and a story about why Jennifer Aniston is sad that I really must read.

With Facebook I have more "friends" than ever to keep up with. And they really like attention.

On my iphone I have 3607 pictures to download. Then I should really print them out and put them in books. I tried downloading them tonight and the computer quit on me twice. Now I have to try it again. Now I have to figure out why it didn't work and possibly make an appointment at the Apple store.

I want to keep a better diary about my daughter and the funny things she says. I have gotten as far as obtaining a book and a pen - which are buried somewhere - under the clothes that need to be cleaned and the clothes that need to be put away - that are on my bed.

But who has time? if I'm not working, I'm teaching myself something new - like the ins and outs of social media for work, or planning what to do next. Nothing is simple. Even arranging a playdate is complicated. Calls to the parents and discovery on where to go. I don't dislike doing it, I just need 30 hours in a day and less than 3 hours of sleep a night.

I still have Christmas/Hanukkah presents to return - or rewrap to regift. Ugh!

And was date night tonight or tomorrow?If I wear pants I don't have to shave my legs. That's one less job, yay.

Is anyone else out there having trouble being a modern mom?