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Generation Who Cares

Every generation has a name. I think my daughter's will be Generation Who Cares.

Gay marriage. They'll see it like any other marriage. So Who Cares.


All those words that shocked us older people. The're all on the Disney Channel now. Good words/bad words. Who cares.

OMG. LOL. Grammer? Spelling? Handwriting? Rembering math formulas. I care if my electronic device de jour stops working but about all the rest. Who Cares.

Bad social skills? I'm a good typist and only have 140 characters worth of things to say, so Who Cares.

Working hard to get ahead. O, wait, that didn't work for the last few generations did it? So Who Cares.

Designer handbags and shoes? (Here I believe this generation will be a lot more cynical and saavy about advertising and magazine photos)Who Cares.

Helping others? Hmm. Even the polititians who are supposed to care about the populace only cared about themselves and the lobbiests. The state I grew up in could elect a crook like Rick Scoot. So Who Cares? So Who Cares? And Who Cares about national pride. Americans no longer work together for a common good. It's all about winning and shaming.

College? The ones who made it rich did so with reality TV shows. So Who Cares.

Or maybe our generation and the last one will have screwed up the world so much our children will be forced to care whether they like it or not lest they fry with no ozone or have no water to drink.