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We Have So Much to Learn

My daughter likes Mag but she doesn't like Mig. Unless it's in context with Big Pig. She forgets that the "i" makes a long sound. And she'll get cought up with "u" as well. We're working on the phonetics, but then there's the sight words. Why is it "Go", "So" and 'No" rhyme and "Do" and "To " come out of nowhere.

She is very proud to know how to make the past tense by adding -ed and i feel so mean correcting her.

HER I runned

ME: You ran

HER I hurted myself.

ME: You mean you hurt yourself. I see you hurt yourself. Let me get you a band-aid.

Bees make honey.

Fawns are baby deer.

Rough and smooth are opposites.

Tadpoles are baby frogs.

Caterpillars are baby butterflies. Larve actually.

The large yellow M means french fries inside.

I've always been paranoid about my daughter's learning. I remember when she was just born. I'd sleep on the couch and she'd "sleep" in a Moses basket next to the couch. it was the only place I could sleep where I'd be close enough to her to put the pacifier back in her mouth every time it fell out. She'd suck herself to sleep and then once she was asleep, it'd fall out again and she'd cry. I'd be there to pop it back in. So basically, i was sleeping for 6 minute stretches. But did I watch TV even though Law & Order was on all night? Even though my brain was too swimming to read? Nope. I'd sit in the dark because i had read somewhere that kids shouldn't watch TV. Yes, i realize now I misinterpreted the book and "watch TV" doesn't really apply to a 2 week old but there you have it. On nights I thought i'd go crazy sitting at home waiting for the paci to fall out, I'd put her in a carriage and take her out for a walk. She had her days and nights mixed up anyhow. I knew I was paying the nanny to watch her sleep. We took late night walks around our Wall Street neighborhood (I was living in NY) where i'd point out the sites to her and keep up a constant one sided conversation.

I'm not a tiger mother which I use referring to the Chinese way of mothering a super genius as interpreted by Amy Chua. That started a controversy my way of teaching never will. My daughter will never master the piano by practicing it 25 hours a day, with me forcing her to. i don't have that kind of attention span. I teach my daugher to graze. Two hours here, 45 minutes there, depending on what we're working on. If I see a spark of interest I run with it and build on it. I succeed and I fail. I try to make learning meaningful. I try to make it fun. i try to build on experiences and make the things we see in books real. if i see her struggling with something I try to find some way to make the "dots connect". I don't waste time trying to get her to speak Klingon or Aramaic. Learning Spanish is on our list and i read to her books in Spanish. I may not understand them, but i read them and hope like heck I have the accent right enough. She likes art and she's starting to like reading even with the "i"s and "u"s. The latter because I promised her a real camera if she finishes the series of books we're working on. Whatever it takes. I'm not perfect in any way. There's so much to learn. For both of us.

Moms, what learning techniques have worked for you?