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The Overwhelmingness of Being a Modern Mom

Being a modern mom is hard. There are too many choices. And I can see all the choices thanks to the wonders of the computer. I feel absolutely overwhelmed.

I am glad to be beyond the sheer exhaustion of choosing the right crib mattress or the right in-utero sounding stuffed animals. And happy to be beyond the judgi-ness of sling vs. stroller, breastfeeding vs. formula and things of irritating infant ilk.

When your child is an infant everyone feels more entitled to an opinion. When your kid turns 5, they're already sure you're kid is ruined beyond repair.

(I did formula only and my child rarely gets sick, thank you.)

Right now I'm trying to plan my daughter's birthday party. I can't believe how many choices there are in bounce house rentals alone. And then when you factor in ponies vs. bounce house or ponies, magicians face painters and clowns vs. full-scale princess dance number starring 5 Disney princesses of your choice, a generic prince and optional carriage rides. It's overwhelming.

When I was growing up here in Miami Beach it was all word of mouth. Meaning if you never left the beach, you did everything on the beach. My mom wouldn't cross any of the bridges so we did everything on the beach. When it came to birthday parties, McDonald's was a serious option. And movies were an affordable option. They were also 2 of the 4 options available. (For all you transplants, 30 years ago Miami Beach was NOTHING like it is now, nor was Miami. Be sad you missed the old world faded glamour - it was awesome. Pink carpets and chandeliers in the Saks on Lincoln Road.)

Anyway besides birthday parties, things I can get caught up in for hours include lunch box options, kids clothes, educational toys and books, personalized stationary, things that have the same name as my daughter, imaginative objects on, and, seasonally, Halloween costumes. (Any other Miami kids remember when the only choices were the plastic $5 costumes that came in a box at Play World or your mom sewing something?)

Don't get me started on how easy it is to buy things without leaving the house. And at 3 a.m. too. Remember when the only choices for financial self-harm like that were salad spinners and Ginzu knives...

Looking at the bright side, with so many choices I become paralyzed into indecision.