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Attention: This is Your Universe Speaking

Are you there Aimee? it's me, universe.

Yes. Universe. I'm here.

If there's one thing I've learned in my 40 or so years of existence it's to listen to the universe.

I had the recent opportunity to decode universe speak for a friend. K is going to Boston on business where an old flame lives. She was thinking good thoughts and was wondering if she should stop by. She was hesitant because she's going out with someone else. it's been about a month, month and a half. But, according to her, and interpreted by me, he's somewhat of a dud. Only duds would stand you up on a date. And it's not one time either. The latest occurrence of this was about two days ago/a week before the trip. We were talking. She was upset. She told me she was thinking of asking her current dud beau to drive her to the airport to see if the flame would be rekindled before the flight.

Whoa. Stop. The universe is talking to you here. The "beau" stood you up a week before your flight. You're going to Boston for work. Your old flame is in Boston and still unattached. You're excited about the possibilites. The universe is telling you that you need to take a cab to the airport and fly off guilt free.

The universe was screaming at me to move to Miami from New York. I was a single mom, my daughter under 6 months old. My lease was coming up for renewal. I was seriously considering staying. I was going to stay. My parents wanted me to consider moving to Miami. I called up the one ad agency is town and told them a little about myself. They flew me down for an interview 2 days later. They offered me a job less than a week later and said they'd even move me down. I wasn't thrilled with the agency and I really love New York. I called my parents to tell them I got the job and was considering it. My mom picks upand says "how did you know to call now."

Um, what?

Well your dad just died.

Silence. Shock.

Um. OK.

That was the universe talking and Universe, really, you didn't have to take it that far to get me to move here. You could have tested my resolve with something a lot more subtle. But here I am with a happy little kid. She's happy to be near grandma and a troop of cousins.

Tonight I'm rivited to the Weather Channel with my budding little meterologist trying to make sense of Irene. Universe. I'm here. i'm listening. Talk to me. I am definitely hearing I made the right choice not to take my kid to Disney this weekend.