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An Apology Letter to My Cat

Dear Noble Cat Licking Glitter from Your Paws,

Only a few years ago things would have been much different. It would be you who would be sitting on my warm lap while we watched Dora the Explorer. Of course, Dora would be Law & Order, but you would be the one on my lap.

You’d be the one getting your ears scratched and fur petted by me. So thank you even more for not scratching my daughter when she gets you to move – on the few chances you do get to the lap first - by trying to sit on you. She likes to pet your fur too. Those are love taps, not hits. And sometimes she does brush you with the hard end of the brush, but we’re working on that.

You’re the one who gets to sleep on me when there’s no lightening, thunder or rain and she’s just too tired to wake up in the night to come sleep with us. And, by us, I recognize it’s me. She doesn’t mean to roll over on you like that.

Think of all the times you get people food because I just don’t have time to run to the pet store for you. You may throw up most of it, but you look very happy gobbling it when it’s put in front of you. Who knew cats liked bagels with strawberry cream cheese?

It wasn’t me that plastered your fur down with the grape jelly. Why you didn’t move I won’t understand.

I'm pretty sure there's a way to remove Elmers paste from fur too. Thankfully we live in warm Florida so what's a few bald patches mean anyway.

And Penelope is just enchanted with your “pointy toes”. I squish them down so we can both appreciate your diverse anatomy. The same way I pry open your mouth from time to time to show her your pointy teeth.

Mickey cat, we love you. You are a member of our family. We even got you a costume for Halloween. I think you’re going to LOVE that.


Your mom Aimee