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i'm going to have octuplets too!


Have you ever felt too stressed to do something you love to do? I love to write but I am just so stressed right now and eating my way through a box of Cheez-it's as I think of clever, hopefully funny things to write that people will actually want to read. As I stress about that, I stress about wanting to lose weight. I eat more Cheez-Its.

There’s this to write and then I am stressed about finishing up a writing job I am working on. It’s for the financial industry. I love writing for finance but sometimes it’s hard to think of those clever ways to construct a sentence using words like Fixed Income Management and long-term volatile equity markets in them. And then knowing, just knowing that your little girl is asleep upstairs and can wake up any second. Maybe she is done with her nap, maybe she had a poo. And once she wakes up that means no more working. It means working after 9pm after a romp in the park, dinner time, cleaning the dinner off the floor time, bath time, teeth time, doll carriage pushing time and the urge to just pass out with exhaustion. Plus, I have to add in the time for finding more writing work which is a job in itself. Then there's all the personal projects I want to work on, the labors of love from Penelope's baby book to a book I'm writing.

Please send any pity donations to me c/o The Miami Herald. If not, this single mom is going to go off and have some octuplets.