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Single Moms Scare Mitt Romney

Did you see the second presidential debate?

I am the culture of violence. Fear me Miami moms. Except other single moms. You are part of this fierce playgroup too.

A woman named Nina Gonzalez asks a question on assault weapons and the next thing you know, Romney is telling the world that two parent homes are best and the answer to gun violence is no single moms.

Mitt, I'm a single mom. I'm working every day and taking care of my child in the rest of my time, I really haven't had time to go AK-47 shopping. Not that my daughter has added one to her holiday wish list.

Perhaps, though, if she's told by enough politicians that she is supposed to have one of those automatic rifle-y things, she may want one. Sort of like she now wants an American Girl Doll. She doesn't love love them, seeing they don't sport fluorescent leggings from Justice or dance on the Disney Channel, but she wants one because her cousins told her she was supposed have one. Kids are wonderfully simple.

How much do automatic weapons cost anyway? No way are they more than American Girl Dolls.

By the way Mitt, what do Jeffery Dahmer, Tuscon shooter Jared Loughner, Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh,the Columbine High School massacre kids, and Aurora movie theatre killer James Holmes have in common?

They're from two-parent homes.