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I'm paying around $9000 a year for this

Letâ™s see, what did my almost three year old learn at school this week.  Well, she learned the word Ca-ca and now delights in saying it over and over.  I think she must have seen me cringe when she said it originally. 


She has learned that there is paint that you are supposed to use your fingers with.  Now how to teach her that that doesnâ™t apply to all paints, and the wall is not paper. 


My daughter has learned to jump from great heights.  At least one and a half times her.  I am sure someone elseâ™s child with an older brother or sister had a lot to do with this.  Mommy, Grammy and Elmo are not complicit in this. 


She has learned the word âœaggravatedâ as in the sentence,  âœI am aggravated with you, mommy.â  Someone little and mine must be aggravating someone big somewhere at school.


She has added to her list of wants some items mommy wished could have been put off for just a few more years decades.  Among the most desired:  glue stick, glitter, scissors, ant farm. 


She has also learned to be a lot more independent and self-sufficient and as soon as Iâ™m done picking the glitter out of the carpet, Iâ™ll be able to sit back and really be most appreciative of that.   


Most importantly, above all, though, she is happy!  And mommy feels she is well cared for as she heads off to work.  For that feeling of security, to me, I'd even pay thousands more.  (even if i would have to sell a kidney to get them)