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Aimee's Halloween Recap

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. I love the mystery, the night and the candy, but especially the creativity. Even if it just mean your neighbors have gone to Kmart and bought some décor, there’s much creativity in the way its arranged. A 6-foot tall Pooh bear Halloween inflatable alone comes across quite differently with a grim reaper posed next to it. Or, the way costume “Rock Star #104” is worn. I was quite surprised to see an 8 year old looking like Slash from Guns n Roses. Even more surprised that was allowed to accessorize it with a fake lit cigarette and a half empty bottle of Jim Beam.

“Don’t like” said Penelope. I hope she’s saying the same thing when she’s 15.

For the 4 years before I had Penelope, I always pictured what Halloween would be like with a child of my own. The thought made me excited. I imagined I’d get a chance to express my creativity with a little cohort. My kid would be the one that would stand out from all the rest. I’d gone to the NYC Halloween parade for years, collecting ideas in my memory.

Penelope was born in November so last Halloween was her first one. She was almost one at the time. I had an adorable flower outfit for her. She didn’t like anything on her head so off came the sunflower petal hat before we even got to the mall. She collected candy as a plant stem.

This year she was almost two. No less genius than Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

No hats.

What I hadn’t counted on was that two year olds come with opinions. She wanted to be a Princess.

So we want to a party with two other Belles, four Cinderellas, three Auroras, two Snow Whites and an Ariel. And that accounted for every single girl at the party including the hostesses child. And Penelope was very, very happy. It took me a while but now I know, with a child it's not so much as standing out that makes her proud, it's the fitting in that counts. Poor Suri Cruise and her designer clothes. I hope its true that in her circle kids recognize interlocking Cs and Gs as much as the ones here know Dora, Diego and Boots. Penelope is "Little Miss Popularity" when she goes out flashing her cartoons. Four year old paparazzi pointing at her belly yelling "Dora! Dora! Dora!"

For Halloween creativity, I guess next year, it’s you and me, yard.