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Don't Count on Miracles After the Age of 40

if you know any women who are single and approaching the age of 40 and want to have a child, please let them know about an international organization called Single Mothers by Choice. it's holiday time and people are thinking of families, the ones they have, the ones they wish they had, and the ones they're scared they'll never have.

So many women don't understand what happens to their fertility as they age.

Becasue of the volunteer work I do and the chat boards I'm on, I read a lot from women who are mourning the loss of the biological child they never had and now, won't be able to have. What they didn't know is that even if a woman looks 30 and feels 30, her eggs aren't 30. After 40, even if a woman meets Mr. Right the chances of her having a baby go down dramatically, even with medical assistance.

Some celebrities appear to have had their own kids at 38 and 49, like Geena Davis and Holly Hunter, but what they don't tell you is that those were donor eggs. So many of those "miracles" aren't the miracles they appear to be.

Says Robert Stillman, MD, medical director of Shady Grove Fertility Center, one of the country’s largest fertility clinics, “We’ve never had a successful birth in a woman over the age of 44 using her own eggs."

The best way to deal with age related infertility is to avoid it. All the money and yoga in the world can't turn back the biological clock.

I had the child first and I am now dating. I find it much more relaxing now that the clock isn't disrupting the dates. I am not going to say its easy being a single mom, but like everything it's about making compromises and finding balance. It was a long road to momhood for me.

I'll leave you with a gift idea: What Every Woman Should Know About Fertility And Her Biological Clock