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Rites of Passage: The Car Seat

Along with getting a new tooth, exchanging diapers for underwear and going to college, the car seat is up there with important milestones in the life of a child. If I had known this I certainly would have cleaned my car better.

I have two child seats in my car. A Britax with high sides, and a booster. Before each and every car ride she asks me "Which seat?"

For highway rides she sits in the Britax. Unwillingly. Here she will remain until she is 18. Unwillingly. Or until people from Miami learn to drive within the speed limit and their own highway lane. Never going to happen. As we've seen, no matter how many stickers of family members people proudly display on the back windows of their SUVs, they'll drive 85 at a minimum. In school zones.

"But All My Friends Sit in the Booster," she will say. "I am too big for this seat." Repeatedly. Until I yell.

She will of course, continue to complain the entire way about having to sit in this seat knowing I am not the mom who lkes to pull over on I-95 to punctuate my point. Instead I just turn the Chipmunks on louder. if I can put up with Alvin and the Witch Doctor song on repeat she can sit in that car seat.

The she gets smart and asks me if we can look up the car seat specs when we get home, "curious" about the height and weight requirements.

On local rides, the booster is her throne. Though she can't buckle the belt, she loves the booster. She is proud of the booster. She pretends she can see better out the window in the booster. She'll let the person helping us with the groceries know she is in the booster, as well as the man with the neck tattoo at the gas station. And she makes sure all of her friends know she is in a booster. "Look at my booster," she'll politely ask demand of them. They'll pilgrimage across the parking lot to see it. And a moment elapses, of awed reverence.

Go to Florence and watch people as they see Michelangelo's "David" for the first time. It's like that. Which surprises me as almost all her friends have boosters too. Mine being as un-postcard worthy as the rest of them.

So maybe it's the fine fabric design from Target? Because my car is somewhat messy? (I need a "stop saving all your child's artwork" intervention) Maybe its because the other kindergartener's respect the booster as a sign that she has joined the "grown up" club?

I'm happy she's happy.

Though, now she's looking forward to losing those teeth. Apaprently this rite of passage comes with 20 bucks.

My apologies for last week's blog. I didn't realize until I put this one up that the final version of the other didn't post.