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TuTu Much (or Ballerina Brilliance)

I have put Penelope into ballet. Well, actually, climb under a row of chairs and jump up and down on a trampoline “ballet”, but ballet nonetheless as that is what the course guide calls it.

She asked and asked to take it after she saw her cousin's ballet outfit.

I think Baryshnikov has nothing to fear even as he approaches 60 and in ballet years that equals 569 years old.

So this mommy feels like she has accomplished something. I have put my child on the track to something. A career in ballet. She can’t tell me she started too late. Any earlier and she’d be toe shoe chewing. Perhaps I could have put her on the ballet path sooner, but no conclusive studies have been done in how to limber up a fetus.

Can I be doing more? Two days a week instead one? Seven days a week with 3 hours of practice in the morning and 7 at night? You know I would but that’s only recommended for the almost over the hill 6 year olds.

Being in charge of a little person’s destiny is overwhelming.