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How much are you worth?

In honor of Mother's Day, worked up a fun formula for measuring how much our "Household CEO" job is worth.

The headlines:

• Stay-at-home mothers in Miami would earn $110,800 a year if they were paid an annual salary for their work. (See infographic.)

• A working mom in Miami would make $65,698 on top of what she already makes at her job. (See infographic.)

They calculated this by surveying 8,000 moms nationwide about all the functions they perform at home, including:

• Driver

• Cook

• Staff Nurse (Hey, it's DOCTOR Mom, thank you very much)

• Housekeeper

• Psychologist

... And many others. I think anyone who changes diapers or has to conduct potty training should get a big fat bonus. And mothers of teenagers should get combat pay. And overtime for every hour spent with a colicky baby.

Among the jobs missing from the calculation: Personal shopper, entertainer, hiring manager, seamstress, undercover agent (related to operations involving fallen teeth and certain holidays, as well as spying via Facebook) ... and under-the-bed monster slayer.

You can do your own personal calculation at

You'll probably find you are undervalued there - just like in your day job. :)