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Let´s all move to Japan and make babies!

Let’s all move to Japan and have more babies! In this economy, any additional source of income helps. You know what they say, “diversify!” I know I sure could use some extra income, can’t you?

Japan ’s government just announced its “ingenious” plan to encourage its aging population to bed up and make more babies. For each child born to a couple, a monthly “gift” of $150 is received, $300 for two babes and so on… Such money could ease a lot of financial tension. It could also improve a family’s lifestyle considerably.

Who knows if this form of legal bribing will compel people to actually have larger families. Maybe it’s not all about the money, after all. Maybe it’s the lifetime commitment to caring and nurturing another creature in a society besieged by extreme pressures. Since Japan does have one of the strongest economies in the world however, perhaps women want to work and not stay home playing Martha Stewart.

One of the current problems affecting working women and society at large are the limited child care options and the extensive waiting lists which sometimes oblige a child to wait more than a year if lucky enough to get accepted. Women almost always must opt to forfeit their careers due to this lack of child care options.

This initiative seems to be very short-sited, I believe. Of course the extra monthly income could help out any family on a fixed income, yet how much of the system on an institutional level is really being changed?

Culturally, if women, who are so eager to work are recognized as equal to their male work counterparts, then why isn’t legislation changing radically to open more day care options for their mommy professionals?

Something doesn’t add up.

Where are the policies allowing women to take a long maternity leave of absence without jeopardizing job security- at least until space for the care of their baby becomes available?

How is the government encouraging it’s hybrid mothers to balance a family with a career via this “stimulus package?”

How many families do you think are really going to be inspired by this new “incentive” and actually take action?

Would an extra $150 a month motivate you into having another baby right now?