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Downsizing Ain't So Bad

It’s amazing what you get used to when economic circumstances change. And if you just go with it, and not fight what you can't control, you’d be surprised how creative and innovative you become.

Two and a half years ago, we lost everything. We had a business, the investors pulled the plug unexpectedly, and gone was our investment as well. It was devastating.

Yet that set us on the road toward re-invention---the one on which we are still traveling. And consequently, the one that brought us back to the United States to start anew after many years in Panama, Central America.

Had you asked me years ago, how I would manage without all the non-essentials I enjoyed back then, I would’ve simply shrugged my shoulders. Yes, it has been challenging. But like the Palm Tree, I have learned to bend in this financial storm; and break I will not.

I feel mentally stronger and more confident in my ability to prevail.

I know what matters most.

Is there food on the table? Yes. Are the kids well-kept, happy and thriving? Yes. Are there recreational activities we can still enjoy as a family without breaking our tight budget? Absolutely.

And yes, such a lifestyle change requires some serious organization and planning. As a family, we share ideas on how to accomplish our goals unconventionally, nontraditionally. And when we put our heads together, imaginations soar to new heights.

And the outcome is always favorable.

We find a way.

Just huddled around the kitchen table telling jokes or relating stories over a hot plate of homemade pancakes, reinforces our shared bond. And with a united front against adversity, it’s surprising how much we can endure and overcome as a family, and still stay together.

That makes me proud.

Am I still striving for a more comfortable and stable life? No doubt. But there are lessons I’ve learned on this downsizing journey I will continue to apply, regardless of my future financial status.

Because when everything comes too easy and life offers no challenges,(opportunities) we’ll never know for sure just how deep our devotion to one another runs.

“You don’t know what you’re made of until you are ripped apart.” - Darah Zeledon, 2010.