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Seniors get their groove on at Valentine’s Dance

When he walks, Eduardo Brewster may use a cane, but once you get him on the dance floor, there’s no stopping him.

Wearing a striped guayabera shirt and a straw fedora, Brewster, 66, stomped and swayed at a Senior Valentine’s Day dance. Nearly 150 members of the Sunset Lakes and Miramar Senior Centers attended, and Brewster pulled most of them onto the dance floor.

“It’s like family,” he said.

Brewster’s friend Vincent Smith, 71, joined him at first but eventually took a seat on the sidelines.

“He can dance longer than me,” said Smith.

To ensure there were no wallflowers, three rookie football players were on hand to get the party started.

But as soon as 20-somethings Branden Curry, Kevin Elliott and Jaron Odom, were introduced, the senior ladies had them surrounded on the dance floor. The women took the young men by the wrists and led them in a hip-shaking line to “Don’t Stop the Party” by Pitbull.

Curry is flying to Salt Lake City this month to start as an offensive lineman with the Utah Blaze. Elliott is a wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills, and Odom was an offensive lineman for the University of Louisiana. At well over 6 feet tall, the men towered over the ladies.

As the dance hits of today faded into salsa and Caribbean tunes from yesteryear, a wide smile crept onto Eunice Boyce’s face.

The 72-year-old Bahamian woman floated onto the dance floor, joining her friends in a graceful whine, the hip-swinging dance of the Caribbean.

“It is always great to come here,” said Boyce, who’s been coming to the annual dance for 12 years.

The dance has been an annual event in Miramar for the last 20 years or so, but the football players were a new addition this year, said event organizer Khaye Curry, Branden’s mother.

Between clusters of heart-shaped balloons and red and pink streamers, the seniors — ranging in age from 55 to 96 — danced and giggled with a youthfulness that belied their age.

Brewster was there from the beginning, doing his own dance on the periphery of a group of women shimmying along to the Electric Slide.

Dancing is in Brewster’s blood, and he loves coming to events like the Valentine’s Day dance and moving with new and old friends.

Taking a breather on the sidelines, Miramar vice mayor Troy Samuels watched some of his older constituents twirl and laugh.

“It’s always great to see that age means nothing,” he said.