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Husband accused of killing custodian at Gloria Floyd Elementary

A five-month investigation into a South Florida woman’s disappearance ended with the arrest of her husband Friday on accusations of murder.

Jesus Maqueira, 54, was arrested early Friday and charged with first-degree murder and aggravated stalking, according to an arrest report by Miami-Dade homicide Det. Juan Segovia.

Maqueira’s wife, Raquel Maria Calderin, 42, disappeared on Sept. 4. She was last seen in a black Ford Expedition, driving away from Gloria Floyd Elementary School, where she worked as a custodian.

According to Segovia’s report, Maqueira and Calderin were married for more than 20 years. Maqueira had a history of domestic abuse, to the point that he put a GPS tracking device on Calderin’s car.

She filed for divorce last year.

The day Calderin disappeared, Maqueira showed up at Gloria Floyd Elementary and argued with her, asking her to call off the divorce and stay with him.

Calderin’s coworkers told police she was visibly upset for the rest of the day. Her supervisor allowed her to leave at 9:30 p.m.

Phone records show Calderin was still near the elementary school and talking on her cellphone at 9:36 p.m. when the line went dead. There has been no activity on her cellphone or with her bank accounts ever since, Segovia’s report states.

Calderin has not contacted any of her friends, family members or coworkers, according to the report. Friends and relatives told police she never misses special occasions such as Christmas or her children’s birthdays.

Based on that information, Miami-Dade police began investigating the disappearance as a homicide.

On Friday, Maqueira admitted to domestic abuse and stalking Calderin, police said.

Maqueira made conflicting statements that were disproved by cellphone records and statements from his children, whom he coached on how to respond to police during the investigation, according to the report. He had also physically abused them, police said.

Police said that when he was confronted with his children’s statements, he called them liars.

Maqueira has reportedly told people in the past that if he couldn’t have Calderin, no one could. Police said that when they asked him why he couldn’t give explanations for evidence against him, he replied, “Look, I killed her, so take me to jail.”

He then laughed, but refused to elaborate, police said.

Maqueira was arrested at 5:15 a.m. Friday and taken to the Dade County Jail.