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North Miami home of federal cooperator sprayed with AR-15 bullets.

An early Friday drive-by shooting — apparently meant to send a message to a man who cooperated with the feds against a co-defendant — left his relatives shaking in fear and the family’s North Miami home pocked with bullet holes.

No one was hurt, but there could easily have been a different outcome: Police reported finding 23 spent bullet casings from an AR-15 assault rifle in the swale across the street from the residence.

The targets: Relatives of Dwayne Politesse, 25, the getaway driver in the 2010 robbery and slaying of postal worker Bruce Parton.

In January, Pikerson J. Mentor, 31, of North Miami, was sentenced to life in prison for fatally shooting the 60-year-old Pembroke Pines resident, who had worked out of the Norland Post Office.

Politesse pleaded guilty to driving the getaway car during the attack. He testified against Mentor and was sentenced to 21 years. He is being held in a federal detention facility.

A third defendant, Wilfred Georges, 24, pleaded guilty Tuesday in Miami federal court. Georges faces 15 years in prison for his role in the crime.

The trio targeted Parton to steal his master key, so they could swipe people’s IDs for tax-refund fraud.

Albert Levin, defense lawyer for Politesse, said his client’s testimony apparently went against the grain of the “no snitch” credo on the streets.

At Politesse’s sentencing hearing last month, Levin read a letter written by his client that said he helped the prosecution make its murder case by going “around the unwritten street code’’ against snitching.

Somebody didn’t like Politesse’s decision: Police said they responded to reports of shots being fired near 345 NW 129th St. at about 4:15 a.m. Friday. They found the bullet casings across the street.

The outside of the home was hit 11 times, and two rounds “penetrated through the bedroom’’ in one corner of the house, the police report stated. Officers also found a Toyota Avalon in the driveway “with the trunk on fire.’’

Gesner Politesse, who lives at the home, said he did not want to comment on a possible motive for the shooting.

“I was not home, I don’t know anything about what happened,’’ he said Friday night.