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Miami Dolphins’ Jeff Ireland says team will bring in game-changing players

Jeff Ireland doesn’t live in a bubble. He knows he’s a lightning rod — or “polarizing,” as he put it Tuesday.

But impressions, like fortunes on the football field, can change. For Ireland, the former won’t come without the latter.

And so, with an arsenal of cap space and draft picks, he has an aggressive plan to change what he can control: The Dolphins’ on-field product.

In his first media availability since the end of the season, Miami’s general manager acknowledged Tuesday that the team didn’t have enough firepower in 2012 and all but promised to bring in game-changing players this offseason.

“There’s a gap between one and two in our division,” Ireland said at the Senior Bowl. “We’ve got to find guys that are scoring touchdowns.”

He added: “I think this is the year that you’ve got to do something. … We look forward to making some exciting news before too long.”

Ireland certainly has the ammunition. With nine draft picks — including five in the first three rounds — and more than $45 million in salary cap space, the Dolphins are set up to be major players over the next three months. All options are on the table: free agency, draft and trades.

“Joe [Philbin] and I have a clear vision on how we’ll help this football team,” Ireland said. “This is a big offseason for us. We understand that.”

What exactly does he plan to do? Ireland did a good job of not tipping his hand. Still, he provided some nuggets of news in the 30-minute session with reporters.

Among them:

Once a dominant left tackle, Long has had some slippage in recent years, so Ireland was asked if he still considered Long elite.

“I think Jake can still play in this league, for sure,” Ireland said. “I’m not going to tell you if I think he’s elite because I’m still in a contract negotiation. I’ve had a good conversation with Jake.

“Jake has a decision to make. We have a difficult decision to make. It’s a very, very difficult decision, and it’s a very complicated negotiation.”

Ireland didn’t rule out using the franchise tag on Long or one of the roughly dozen other Dolphin players whose contracts are up.

“All those guys have contributed to this football team in various ways,” he said. “It’s a great group of character guys. I wish I could have them all back. We have some tough decisions to make moving forward.”

Asked what specifically Tannehill needs to improve: Ireland said consistency.

While Ireland tries to block out the criticism heaped his way after four losing seasons in a row, he has taken the playoff drought to heart. He often gets on the treadmill at 4:30 in the morning to pound away the frustration.

Still, he’s satisfied with the direction of the franchise moving forward.

“I feel like I’ve been aggressive where I need to be aggressive,” Ireland said. “There have been some decisions that have been smart. The decisions we’ve made to get us where we’re at, as far as cap space and draft picks, that’s by design.”

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