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Mystery surrounds raft found near Black Point Marina in south Miami-Dade

Mystery surrounds an abandoned raft that washed ashore near Black Point Marina Saturday afternoon.

Boaters spotted the wooden raft with some personal items inside at about 2 p.m. They posted pictures and a video of the raft on the shoreline to Facebook.

Still onboard were wooden oars. Inside the raft, photos show some sort of clothing or tarps, a backpack, and a wallet with money and what appears to be an identification card with a man’s photo.

The whereabouts of the person in the raft are unknown.

It is also not clear, whether this marina was the intended destination or whether anyone on board the raft might have come ashore somewhere else.

Black Point Marina is in South Miami-Dade not far from Cutler Bay. In the hours after it was found law enforcement boats arrived at the scene.

The Coast Guard would only say that this is the subject of an ongoing investigation.